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Daily Scoop, 5/9/22

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Today is Monday, May 9th- It IS- Lost Sock Memorial Day, National Sleepover Day, Butterscotch Brownies Day

70% of pet owners wish they could be their pet for a day because they are so spoiled.

You can now buy a giant dog bed for humans. 

20% of us call Mom every day, and another 20% call more than once a week

Surprisingly, if you are tired of Zooms, you are in the minority, only 26% are

The number ONE thing that works the BEST every single time while flirting is - A Good Sense Of Humor

Starbucks just revealed that a whopping $1 billion is sitting on Starbucks gift cards unused

Crush pop now comes in a peach flavor. 

Ohio is the fourth cheapest state to buy an house in this year – Tennessee is #1


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