Friday, 10 March 2023 06:15

Daily Scoop, 3/10/23

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Today is Friday, March 10th- It IS - Land Line Telephone Day, Pack Your Lunch Day,  Bagpipe Day, Middle Name Pride Day, Ranch Dressing Day

We consume over 100 million bottles of ranch every year and now you can get Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream at Wal-Mart! 

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday when you move the clocks ahead one hour.

Companies that have swankier offices are having more success in getting employees back to the office

It's official, if you take selfies your nose overall does appear larger than it really is

You can now get tiny hoodies for your gear shifter knob!

“Drunk Shopping” costs us about 14 BILLION dollars a year

Nearly one in four pet owners admit to using their pet to get a day off from work.

People are far less likely to use companies with strange spellings like Lyft. Flickr. Starz. and others!

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