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Daily Scoop for Week of January 19th

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Thursday January 22nd and Women's Healthy Weight Day

Happy Birthday to Steve Perry of the band Journey who is 66. It is National Southern Food Day, what is your favorite Southern Food

The Indianapolis Colts say that when the played the Patriots in November, they had concerns about the under inflated footballs.

NBC has announced that it will launch a free digital video stream on Super Bowl Sunday. 11 hours of coverage including all four quarters and the halftime show.

Cavs won last 4 in a row

A new decaffeinated coffee has been developed by a company that actually helps you fall asleep. Counting Sheep Coffee's new 40 Winks contains an herb called valerian root, which makes you feel drowsy.

Social Media can be good for you sharing daily events and feeling more connected with others works to lower stress ..In moderation.

A guy in New York state, rented a bulldozer and knocked down he and his wife's house, and no one knows why. All of their stuff was still inside. She came home and the house was leveled.

New rage in many offices office showers! But not everyone is on board with office showers, as some people see them as an HR nightmare.


Tell us Something Good Tuesday and January 20th. It is also  National Disc Jockey Day-- National Cheese Lover’s Day and Brantley Gilbert’s birthday. He is 30

1954 Lowest recorded temperature in the continental U.S., -69.7º in

One of the new rages now with young adults is dying your armpit hair an exotic color.

Tony Verna, the man who invented the Instant replay passed away at 81. Verna was directing CBS's coverage of the Army-Navy football game on December 7th, 1963 when he invented it on air!

Seems the NFL is looking into the possibility that the New England Patriots may have doctored the footballs during their championship game with The Colts. Could be big penalties if it is true.

Superbowl 49…has no point spread. The over-under is 49.

Pew Research Center says, 22% of women ages 30-44 make more money than their husbands. In 1970, it was just 4%.

Word is Tiger Woods lost a tooth tangling with a cameraman in Italy at one of his girlfriends Lindsay Vaughns Skiing events.

Sharknado 3 returns July on Sci-Fi. Filming begins today!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are getting divorced. She was more than 150 million is assets! He less than $500 Grand.

State Of The Union – Tonight


Monday is Martin Luther King Day and the National Day of Service, National Popcorn Day-- Dolly is 69, and Experts say this is the “saddest day of the year”

Want to stay healthy (and maybe less sad) this winter? Hug somebody. Psychological Science says, people who received daily hugs were less likely to get a cold that those who were never hugged. We’d suggest asking their permission first!

The Superbowl Is Set-Patriots and the Seahawks – Everyone still buzzing about that AMAZING Seawawks comeback to win in OT

Idina Menzel (Frozen Singer) has been tapped to perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl 49, and John Legend will sing America The Beautiful

New survey says most Americans income isn’t keeping up with the cost of living. Main reason is that income has been stalled out for years, with the median income at $52,000

Bill Kelly In Florida bought his dog a lottery ticket for xmas. The pooch on 3 million dollars.

MySpace – remember that? Still has about 51 million people active daily on it. -Who knew?

Miller Coors will begin to sell a “naturally gluten-free” version of Coors Peak Copper Lager Beer this year

Box Office Biggies - American Sniper could brings in 90 million this weekend after today (Holiday) HUGE opening!

Weigh Yourself! - Weigh yourself more, lose more weight new study says. – 

Wendy's is the latest fast-food chain to remove the soda option from kids' meal menus.

6 Million - people gathered in the Phillipines to see the Pope yesterday! Biggest gathering in world history

Lindsay Lohan – is the pitch woman for Esurance now.


I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dolly quote (because it is her birthday) “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap” Dolly Parton.

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