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Daily Scoop, Week of 8/21/17

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Today is Friday, August 25th- It IS - Kiss and Make Up Day, National Whiskey Sour Day, World Daffodil Day

Hurricane Harvey, gonna hit Texas early Saturday with 120 MPH winds and 35 inches of rain!

Mavis Wanczyk quit her job at a hospital in Massachusetts she won the 758 POWERBALL. 53 years old and has two kids!

The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight is on Saturday. Pay-per-view- it will cost you $100…Mayweather the favorite…

Luke Bryan says his new album will be out sometime after Thanksgiving!

Talks are reportedly underway for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at halfime of this year’s Super Bowl.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on for 10 years now, and E! is airing a marathon of every episode ever- starting Monday.

Ellen Degeneres is TV's highest paid host making $50 million! Judge Judy is 2nd with $48 million.

Cleveland is the worst city for bed bugs in America!

WOW Airlines announced $152 flights between Ireland and 4 new US destinations including Cleveland and Cincinnati!!

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats have arrived for the fall season!


Today is Thursday, August 24th- It IS - Weather Complaint Day, Pluto Demoted Day, National Waffles Day

POWERBALL - 1 single ticket (Massachusetts)

Taylor Swift is back. New single out tonight and a new album, Reputation out November 10th.

Stranger Things on Netflix already guaranteed a 3rd season!


Oreo flavored M&Ms will be here for Halloween...called Cookies and Scream M&Ms.

In Ohio, we hate pesto more than any other food.

Some restaurants are starting to offer discounts if you don't use your phone while you are eating.

A dad invented a new app that makes it impossible for your kids to ignore your texts. It blocks the phone from doing anything else till the text is read. (Reply ASAP)

2 things hurting guys most on online dating sites. Cargo shorts and too much video game talk.


Today is Wednesday, August 23rd, It IS - Hug Your Sweetheart Day, Cuban Sandwich Day, Spongecake Day

POWERBALL - The jackpot has reached $700 million!

Cavs traded Kyrie Irving last night to Boston. We got Isaiah Thomas.

Mark Wahlberg is the top earning actor in Hollywood- $68 million.

Mel B felt insulted by Simon Cowell on a live episode of America’s Got Talent last night, threw a drink on him and stormed off the set.

Game of Thrones episodes in season 8 will be near 2 hours…this Sunday’s season finale will be 79 minutes!

Almost half of us, would rather have more vacation time than a raise.

20 tons of Nutella were stolen from a truck in Germany - worth $82,000! 

A new study found if you weigh yourself everyday you are more likely to lose weight.

Some dude named Brian Northrup ate nothing but Dominoes Pizza ever day for a year and lost weight.

More of us are watching the Hallmark Channel than ever before. Looking for an escape from the bad news.


Today is Tuesday, August 22nd- It IS – Be An Angel Day, Take Your Cat To The Vet Day, Eat a Peach Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Browns WON – 10-6 in New York over the Giants!

The next eclipse- April 8, 2024.

There is no need to keep your eclipse glasses...they only last 3 years, then expire like SPF.

Many astrologers believe that a solar eclipse can bring about major changes in your life, both positive and negative. So … is your life any different today?

Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' has shot to #1 on the iTunes chart! 

MONDAY – Kim Kardashian will fill in for Kelly Ripa on LIVE.

Reports are saying that David Hasselhoff wants to be a judge on American Idol!

According to new study, drinking beer can boast creativity and problem-solving skills.

Some educators think that Twitter may make many youngsters illiterate in about 20 years.

Starbucks is preparing for PSL Season – (Pumpkin Spice Latte) – more employees and supplies

Top party college in America - #1 – Tulane ! (Ohio U not in the top ten)


Today is Monday, August 21st- It IS – Cupcake Day, Sweet Tea Day, Spumoni Day!

Eclipse Today! (peak at 2:30 ish..) EXPERTS SAY DO NOT watch the eclipse at all – still a risk even with eye wear.

Having a baby today? Eclipse babies? Natural born leaders!

Jerry Lewis passed away yesterday. He was 91.

All of Taylor Swift's social media accounts were wiped clean over the weekend, sending fans into a frenzy!

Youngstown is the #1 city that produces the most NFL players. Canton is #2, Cleveland #10.

Chuck E. Cheese is disbanding the animatronic bands! Younger families don't like them.

Prepare yourself for Cadbury Covered Oreos.

According to a British study a third of vegetarians eat meat when they're drunk!

Date night – is one of the most important elements to a happy long lasting marriage - New study confirms

About half of couples have “Netflix cheated.” Watching the show without their partner.

Millenials don't like or buy napkins - Other things Millennials aren’t buying: houses, motorcycles, bars of soap, diamonds, designer purses and fabric softener.

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