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Daily Scoop, 5/29/19

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Today is Wednesday, May 29th- It IS – Biscuit Day

By the end of a school year, parents will have asked their kids to 'hurry up' almost 540 times!

New Trend - Summer Fridays. 30% of offices will give workers a free Friday afternoon every week.

IHOP is changing its name again to IHOp. We find out what the little p stands for Monday.

Chipotle will be tweeting out 1 million worth of burritos during NBA Finals.

There is a new Skittles drink mix that turns water into liquid candy.

A new study says that in order to save the planet, we should only be working 9 hours a week.

A study found that seeing cute pictures online increases productivity. 

According to science, bassists are the most important band member.

Cuyahoga County banned plastic bags as of last night...

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