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Daily Scoop, 6/4/19

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Today is Tuesday, June 4th- It IS - National Cheese Day! Old Maid's Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

James Holzhauer loses on Jeopardy, stopping his 32 game winning streak about 60K shy of Ken Jennings’ record - but in less than half the shows.

Target is selling a fanny pack with a built in wine cooler for $6!!

FedEx says it will now deliver packages to you seven days a week!

Little Caesars has created something called a Fritos Pie Pizza - The pizza features chili cheese, taco sauce, and is topped with chili cheese Fritos.

Mega Stuf Oreo Os cereal is here and it’s full of marshmallows.

Seems that only about 6% of women like the way they look in bathing suits.

1 in 4 of us have called in sick because of a “workout hangover.

A new study shows drinking a large amount of coffee is NOT bad for your heart. Up to 25 cups per day!

A new survey says, if you’re in a new relationship, you should you wait 7 months to go on vacation together.

Don’t snoop on your partners phone, 25% say that is cause for ending a relationship!

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