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Daily Scoop, 6/12/19

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Today is Wednesday, June 12th, It IS - Jerky Day, National Red Rose Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day, Falafel Day

Happy Birthday – Chris Young 34

Malley's is making chocolate covered pickles for Father's Day Weekend!

If you are a mom of twins you get far less sleep than if you are the mother of one at a time! 5.4 hours a night

In the next year, over half of US businesses will allow employees to work from home.

Women say socks and sandals is the biggest turn-off in men’s fashion. 

Men fall asleep at work almost twice as much as women do.

IHOP is now combining breakfast and burgers into one epic sandwich – the pancake burger. (1,310 calories.)

There’s a restaurant in California that offers a no-phone discount if you can make it through dinner without using your cellphone! 

Average cost of a wedding? $33,450. Average cost of a wedding in NYC - $96,910.

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