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Daily Scoop, 8/13/19

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Today is Tuesday, August 13th- It IS - Left Hander's Day (only 15% of us are), Filet Mignon Day, Prosecco Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

The 2020 Tribe schedule is out and they open at home on March 26th.

Friends is headed to the big screen for a 3 night 12 fan favorite episodes starting in September.

Penelope Ann Miller to play one of the leads in the college admissions scandal movie on Lifetime. 

You can now get Mac and cheese at Chick-fil-A!

The creator of GIF says it’s pronounced Jif.

Pabst Blue Ribbon has a new hard seltzer. PBR’s Stronger Seltzer 8% booze.

It has been found, booze will keep you awake at night more than coffee does.

Women like getting compliments from other women who are strangers the most...

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