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Daily Scoop, 2/23/21

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Today is Tuesday, February 23rd- It IS - World Spay Day USA, Tootsie Roll Day, Banana Bread Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Applebee’s will have two $5 drinks for March- Tipsy Leprechaun, a Long Island Iced Tea with Jameson Whiskey AND The Pot O’ Gold Colada, a frozen piña colada made with Captain Morgan and mango. 

A new Frosted Flakes with Crispy Cinnamon Basketballs will be out sometime this year.

Taco Bell is testing a chicken sandwich taco.

Chris Noth says don’t believe everything you read about Mr. Big not being in the Sex and the City revival. 

Those who wear eyeglasses are less likely to get COVID-19 because they don't rub their eyes as often.

The majority of us talk to our cars regularly and 20% of us worry about it’s feelings!

They say if you have good sense of humor you’ll probably live longer!

A study says the average kitchen sponge has 200 times more digestive altering germs than the average toilet seat.

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