Monday, 18 October 2021 15:40

Fulcher isn't Finkle.. Finkle is Einhorn...

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Are you a Big Fulcher Fan?  Ray that is!  He was our Charity Concert Series Performer on Saturday Night at The Dusty Armadillo...

Well Ray not only put on a great show!  He also put on a show earlier in the day on "College Game Day"!  


So we know Ray is a College Football Fan from the clip above.... I am a Fulcher Fan and with the football tie it made me think of another Ray... you may know from a little movie called Ace Ventura.  I know has nothing to do with the musician but I kept saying "What do you know about Ray Fulcher?" all weekend.   Wonder if his nickname is 'The Mule' too? 

Ray Fulcher is awesome check him out at @callme_raymond


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