Ben McKee

Ben McKee

Wednesday, 21 February 2024 17:52

Wrasslin' Wednesday

Elimination Chamber is this Saturday!  Being in Perth, Australia that means most fans from the U.S.A are going to have an early morning if watching live at 5am.

2024 WWE Elimination Chamber Card: 

Men's Elimination Chamber: Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight, Kevin Owens & Logan Paul

Logan Paul holding 2 belts is interesting but until he is a full-timer, I don't see it happening.   I think Randy Orton can never be counted out and still has a lot of heat.  But Drew McIntyre seems to be the one angle sticking out to me.  And wouldn't doubt there is a cash-in chance from Senor Money In The Bank to change the tide of the match and add a wrinkle. 

Women's Elimination Chamber: Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi & Raquel Rodriguez

I would love this to be Tiffy Time...  But I think it comes down to Becky Lynch and Raquel Rodriguez.  There has to be a Jade Cargill maybe Bianca storyline starting in this one but this is going to be an interesting one with Becky coming out on top to challenge Rhea at Mania...

Women's World Championship: Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax

I think Nia Jax could be a great build-up but looking at where the match is happening in Perth.  I am guessing Mami is going to end up on top...  

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: Judgement Day defend their Championships vs. Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

This match is not intriguing at all.  Mainly, because Judgement Day is guaranteed to have help...  I hope Pete Dunne & Tyler win but just don't see it happening.

Remember these are just guesses if you are betting... bet with your wallets not with your hearts.   I try to post Wrasslin' Wednesday's the Wednesday before the Premiere Events.  Thank you for following.  

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 17:29

Honky Tonkin'


Broadway and the surrounding area in Nashville is going to get a bit crowded...  with Garth Brooks announcing the Grand Opening of 'Friends In Low Places'.

 This year Eric Church, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Old Dominion and I'm sure a number of others are getting ready to put up 'a hole in the wall' honky tonk.

Jon Bon Jovi is going to open JBJ's Nashville also...   They are all 4 to 6 floor venues some with Rooftop Bar Access...   Let's just say business is about to pick up.  Hope Nashville and the visitors are thirsty!   


Monday, 19 February 2024 16:06


Not sure if this braggable?  Drunkest Fanbases... I realize this company is just trying to sell Breathalyzers but explains, all the Football Fights.  Sheesh!

Browns came in at #12.  Imagine the ranking during the Hue Jackson Era.  See how everyone else ranked.  Click Here.

Remember Drink Responsibly.

Thursday, 15 February 2024 23:55

Jo Dee Messina Checked In











Jo Dee Messina checked in with me on Thursday for her show TONIGHT!!!!  Get your tickets for TempleLive!


Tuesday, 13 February 2024 19:19


As it is Valentine's Eve... V-Day could definitely turn into D-Day for some...  by that I mean the DogHouse.   

Well hopefully you have a great plan for Valentine's Day being on a Wednesday!  

By the numbers:  

  • $25.8 Billion total will be spent for Valentines Day... (about $185 per person celebrating).
  • Spend $6.4 Billion on jewelry and another almost $5 Billion on a Night Out.  
  • Guys will spend almost twice as much as women, on average
  • 27% of people predict Credit Card debt due to the holiday....

Some cheap gift ideas could be tickets... Everyone loves a concert or show.   There is always Flowers, Chocolates and a Card.  If you are real broke and looking for basically free.  Grab your significant other's phone go to their app store and put the 94.9 WQMX App on their phone.. it is the gift that keeps giving and it's Free!!!!  

And if you are heading to the dog house maybe you could add a 'new best friend' to the family listen for Scott and Sarah with the Country Pet Rescue from Wilson Plumbing and Heating tomorrow morning (Valentine's Morning) at 8:40am!   Or grab tickets for WQMX Red, White & Bowl with Ryan Larkins.

Monday, 12 February 2024 12:50

New Collab??



















I know the Super Bowl had everyone fussin' over Traylor...  

I'm just not that into it...  I was into Reba, knocking the Anthem out of the park..  Post Malone doing a great job with America The Beautiful. 

 The game was so so...  But the possibilities were behind the scenes.  

I saw that Lainey Wilson and Hardy and their significant others were there... But they have and will always collaborate together. 

This is the one that stuck out to me... Could we see a Luke Combs and Post Malone Collab in the future???   

 Wouldn't it be cool if they did a play on an old commercial...  maybe 2 beer brand ambassadors coming together.

Wednesday, 07 February 2024 18:04

Tributes A Plenty












Celebrate the life and career of the late country music legend Toby Keith with “CMT REMEMBERS: TOBY KEITH” Thursday Night (2/8/24) at 8 on CMT.

@shanegutormson @Luke Combs pays tribute to the late @Toby Keith at the Ryman Auditorium! Wish I could have been there! Video by Raised Rowdy! #lukecombs #tobykeith #shouldabeenacowboy #redsolocup #tobykeithmusic #tobykeithofficial #lukecombsmusic #lukecombscover ♬ original sound - Shane Gutormson




Tuesday, 06 February 2024 19:15

You Never Know...

I have delivered many sad messages on-the-air in my career. 

Today, Toby Keith passed away.  I heard Scott and Sarah talking about it on the morning show.  You never know how people will react.  I was down in the dumps as I came into the studio...  We lost a Legend, an Icon at 62 due to stomach cancer. 

Toby loved all things Military, Sooners and Country.  

In the 90's to early 2000's he was country!   

He spent 56 weeks at the Top of the chart tied for 5th all-time with Alan Jackson...

19 Studio Albums (Dozen of those sold Millions).  

Topped the Billboard 200 with Unleashed, Shock 'n Y'all, Big Dog Daddy and Bullets In The Gun.  

He was Ranked #1 for Country Artists from 2000 to 2006.  

Nominated for 7 Grammy's, won 2 CMA's, 12 ACM Awards (Entertainer of the Year in '03 and '04)

Songwriters Hall of Fame and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Toby has like a 2300% play increase since his death was announced.  His songs were the most downloaded holding 30 of the Top 40 Spots...

All these accolades are amazing.  Being sad left me quickly!  All of you sharing your stories about Blossom in 2016 and all the shows in general.  

Sending in pictures, posting on socials and asking for ALL THE SONGS!  It was refreshing. A testament to how Toby touched so many lives!  

A true measuring stick for an artist has to be, "how will they be remembered when they are gone?"   

Today, with all of you weighing in... Toby Keith will be remembered for all the great times, that he and his music provided and are associated with, in our lives.  His music draws emotion and is nostalgic and takes you right back to the time and place that you heard it first, last or whenever... That speaks volumes. Toby has been with us at the Red Solo Cup Parties, with those serving at home or deployed needing a little taste of home and his many concerts.  Remember Toby provided many lifetime's worth of great times.  He may be gone but isn't going anywhere... Thank you for that, Big Dog. 

Rest in Peace, Toby!  

Monday, 05 February 2024 23:04

Big Game Drinking Game

With Sunday being the Big Game... Might as well have a Big Ol' Drinkin Game for it...

(Obviously, you can substitute drinks with or without alcohol.  Or maybe grab a bunch of dips or dishes if you are more of the foodie type.)

Things we know:  Reba is singing the National Anthem, Post Malone will handle God Bless America, Usher is the Halftime Show...

Rules: (suggestions)

Drink or eat if...

-There's a 20+ yard pass.

-Players or Celebrities with Cleveland or Ohio Ties. (Jason/Travis/Donna Kelce, Kyle Juszczyk, Ohio St. (Nick Bosa & Chase Young)

-A player puts hands up and argues a call (it's football, not futbol.)

-A celebrity in the crowd other than Taylor Swift.

-Player points to the sky.

-Penalty, Field Goal or Interception.

-A Car Commerical.

-Andy Reid's Mustache makes it on screen.

-Endzone Celebration

Finish Your Drink If...

-The team you want to win scores first.

-Usher Goes Shirtless at Half.

-There is a Country Artist in a Commercial.

-A Sack, Blocked FG or Punt.

-Taylor Swift makes it on TV.

-Replay Won.

Take A Shot If...

-Refs Miss A Call.

-Someone makes a "Purdy" Pun.

-Streaker (it's Vegas!)

-A coach yells at a referee.

-Jake From State Farm or Flo From Progressive Insurance make an appearance.

-A Fumble. 

Drink responsibly and enjoy the food, commercials and game responsibly also...

Going to be a big weekend and a lot of call off's Monday.  Hope your team wins or your squares do too.

Friday, 02 February 2024 18:12

Looking Forward To It??

So I have been trying catch on to Euchre in time for the WQMX Winter Euchre Tournament. 

The Tournament is Saturday Night at St. George Fellowship Center in Fairlawn brought to you by TLC Catering. 

Needless to say, I haven't caught on quickly.  It is SOLD OUT going to be a lot of fun with prizes, food, cash bar and much more. 

Can't wait to see y'all.... Looking forward to that at least... not sooo much the card playing.


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