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Just 1 Kay of Christmas...

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Today marks one year. I’ve been the Program Director of WQMX for a year. 
5 days out of 7 days of the week, I feel like I’m still in college waiting for someone to tell me what to do.
I knew in high school I wanted to be on the radio. I’m a talker. A programmer? I was not so sure. I’m still not. Was I up to manage? Could I figure out the ‘metrics of the matrix?’ Could I understand? The real question was- did I care? I mean I care, but did I have what it takes? All I ever wanted to do once I got my feet wet at WQMX was be on the morning show, play country tunes and raise a bunch of money for charity. I love doing that!!! 
Well, that’s programming a station! At least that’s what I’ve been doing the past 365 days. I am a country music lover. I love concerts, love these artists and I love you all! I truly listen to what you tell us you want to hear, mixed with a bit of gut and frankly, what I know works- because I’ve been a part of your country so long. And, then there’s Cherise, Ben and Scott- I ask them too! 
Teamwork and you. To be honest, I think we are AMAZING. Couple that with setting some goals. I told the air and promotion peeps- let’s go big this year! We had no where to go but up. I said- let’s raise $150,000 for our charities this year. We didn’t. We raised almost $200,000! 
We got creative with promotions, we got tickets to all the shows, our partnerships with the Dusty and The Country Fest grew stronger, we hit the streets and 2023 will be no different. Well, wait. I want more for you all-so, it will be BIGGER!
It wasn’t perfect. We lost some people along the way, we changed things that still need fixing. Am I the greatest manager?! I’m going with no. I know I have tons to learn, room to grow. But, I love country music. I love this team. And, I hate being told no. I also know, you all love this music and you all love this community.
So here’s to 2023- the year of YOU (our listeners) and the year of yes (or we will make it work)! 
THANK YOU, from my heart and soul because I came in so hot this year- I’m going to need you all- FOREVER ?????
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