Monday, 30 November 2020 05:42

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

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This past weekend was certainly different. I feel like I keep typing that sentence. It was though. Yes, it was Thanksgiving weekend. Our family Thanksgiving was not too different. We usually only have 6 or 7 people to begin with, as we have a small family. It was nice to get together and eat with everyone. What was different- this was the first year celebrating in our parent's new condo. New memories and new traditions started this year. It was nice, new and well- different.

I always joke that my second favorite holiday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving- Ohio State vs Michigan. Again, that was not on the schedule this year. Then with COVID testing the Ohio State game that was scheduled for Saturday was canceled all together so no football at all. It was an odd feeling.

But what I can reflect back on is the basics, what is is really important. I got to see my family. I got to spend time with them. We laughed, we ate, we teased each other. We are all healthy. That is what I am most thankful for this and every year.

I will still say this though- GO BUCKEYES!

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