Monday, 03 June 2019 14:32

Black Bears Are Coming to Ohio!

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I just read that black bears are making their way into our state!  Now these are still considered endangered animals,

so don't get your shotgun out!  Word is, mamma bear kicks the boys out to find their own territory so she can have

more babies!  The bears appear to moving west from Pennsylvania!  Now they are mostly adorable when samll,

but can grow to several hundred pounds.  Hmmm, would not want to run in to one.  That being said, wild life

specials say they are not aggressive.  Mostly like huge racoons!!!  Really?  I hope you are right.

they give a few tips to bear-proof your yard:

Remove birdfeeders

Store garbage away

Keep pet foods inside

Clean out grille when done

Hives should be fenced in

Loud noises should scare them off should you encounter one, however, they do not like to be corned!

Don't go for the selfie!!

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