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MOVIE REVIEWS - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Not so sure there has ever been a more hyped movie than this, but does it deliver?  Well in short, yes.


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For many fans this is the first real Star Wars since the early 1980's and I would be included in that.  This reunites the characters we loved from the original trilogy, and helps us forget the Jar Jar Binks disaster from the recent past.  This brings back the original actors we loved, all these years later and that is fun to see.

The story is so complicated, it makes no sense to explain it here.  And of course real fans don't need a refresher.  This is going to rewrite the record books on box office takes and is going to open up this franchise to a whole new generation of viewers.  Many will think this is the greatest movie ever made, and I would say, "Can we please get a grip?"  Clearly this is not the greatest movie ever made - but this is very good.

This really recaptures the feelings of the original in its story line, and how it was filmed...on film.  The effects are as breath taking as they were in the original in 1977, we are only more used to them now. As opposed to when then we were all seeing them for the first time.  What this movie is more than anything is simply entertaining.  It checks in at 2 hours and 15 minutes, but it doesn't feel like it, as this zips along very well.  Although, I think there is a bit of a slow start, but once Han and Chewy hit the screen, everything gets better.

Interestingly enough, the entire story line may be more on topic now that it was in the original run.  The social implications of the contemporary era and climate of terror we live in today are similar to the plot line here in it's overall story.  As good is fighting evil, with the hope that a hero shows up and good wins out.  This is basically fine for all to see and there is something for everyone.

Star Wars:The Force Awakens.  Flat out entertaining.


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