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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny people.  And they are funny together with a real nice chemistry.  Too bad they are way funnier than this movie.


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Sisters in it's idea is a good one. Two sisters all grown up, very different than one another, each with a well developed character.  They are both at a crossroads in life, and each looking for whats next.  But, as it always is with these kinds of movies the perfect answer for every major decision in life is have a huge party. That always fixes the problems. 

Being more than honest here.  This movie is two hours long, and if you want to spend the middle 90 minutes of it watching other people party, then this is your movie.  Plain and simple, that's what this is.  A bunch of middle aged friends drinking themselves into a coma. Don't get me wrong, there are some funny moments in this movie.  Fey, Peohler and cast are very funny at times, with some real fun pop culture references, and some slick improv.  But the trouble is, the script is just not very good.  These two should have held out for a better one.  A way better one, or written one themselves as they did not write or direct this one.

There just isn't enough here to support two hours. This would have been way better at 90 total minutes, as this wears out its welcome at about that mark.  No one can deny these two are funny, and can do great things together. But overall, it just doesn't happen here.

Sisters.  Like many of Fey's choices especially in movies, a big opportunity wasted.


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