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MOVIE REVIEWS - New Movies This Week

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If you are headed out this weekend, here are a couple of choices for you at the movies in a nutshell.


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What a great cast! If you loved Silver Linings Playbook a few years ago where all four major actors were Oscar nominated, and so was the picture, this stars and is made by the same bunch.  Sadly, it's not nearly as good.  Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and a great supporting cast do what they can with what they are dealt. This is based on a true story of a woman named Joy in the 1970's, and I can't tell you exactly what she did, because they have gone to great lengths to keep it quiet.

And that is the main problem here.  When you watch the preview, you have no idea what this movie is about.  Being honest, the story is sort of interesting, and probably worth telling. But for many this will fall short.  Way short.  I would think this would make a way better, well done documentary than feature dramatic film.  Our principles do well here in their performance.  But I will warn you, if you are going tosee Bradley Cooper, watch quick, his role is central, but very limited screen time, and really not the star of this movie playing a character that goes nowhere.

Joy.  Overall disappointing.


This star Will Smith as the doctor that helped identify the brain disorder that has been and is affecting many former NFL players.  This too is based on a true story, but many liberty's have been taken to make this more dramatic.

There is really nothing wrong with this movie, the main problem is there just isn't anything great about it either.  This tells a story worth telling, as this doctor takes on the NFL.  It's just too darn bad this movie gets in its own way halfway through.  This is way better movie when it is dealing with the main issue, but side plots slow this down to a halt at times.  Plus this doesn't have the guts it should, as even the movie seems to let the NFL off the hook.

Smith is really strong here, but for me the real star of this movie is the supporting cast, including Albert Brooks, and David Morse.  This movie had all the potential to be something really special, but it ends up being a decent flick, just not one of the years best.

Concussion.  It's good.  That's it...simply good.


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