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MOVIE REVIEW - The Big Short

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What a cast and what an interesting story, but is this a good movie?  The Big Short is out this week.


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Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and many others are featured here in this very insightful look into the events leading up to the collapse of the housing market in 2008.  All of this is based on a true story, events and real people. This is told in a very interesting fashion, as it has to be with the subject matter zooming over most of our heads. I mean, who understands this stuff?  And as creative as they try to be with that, it still is hard to follow and comprehend at times. 

But, all of our performances by our main actors are really stellar. The writing is superb and the character development is terrific.  There are plenty of Golden Globe nods here and they are all deserved.  Even though this subject matter is a snoozer for most of us, this is told well. This has a nice pace for the most part, when it could have been real easy for this to be real boring.

This really does take you deep inside the big banks and Wall Street to show you just how corrupt the whole system was leading up to the horrible events of 2008 that left so many with so little.  That is eye-opening and interesting.  But not as interesting as the few guys that saw it all coming and tried to warn others, but were not accepted.  This is also a niche movie, as it will find a audience who are movie goers, and not the once a year fan.

The Big Short. Quite good, may be a bit overrated, but still very good.


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