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Today is Friday, May 24th- It IS - Road Trip Day, Brother’s Day, Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Escargot Day, Cooler Day, Asparagus Day

You eat about two pounds of asparagus per year, which is one of the least popular vegetables in the country.

They say you tell the most lies between 8 and 11 am

The most frequently told lie in the office is that he or she is in a meeting

The average person gets about 17 bug bites a year.

Movie theater seats routinely contain bacteria that can lead to large intestinal problems, staph, fungus and organisms that cause skin infections.

Our friends - The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council says that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will eat about 7 billion hot dogs - or about 818 hot dogs per second.

52% of us plan on grilling or bbq-ing this weekend, one of the biggest weekends of the year

These are the rudest days of the year to get married - Memorial Day (borderline rude), Labor Day (pretty rude), July 4th Weekend (super rude), Thanksgiving (almost rudest), and Christmas (absolute rudest).
Fifty-five percent of Americans think that they are smarter than the average American

New Funyuns Minis are coming soon- in a poppable can

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