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Daily Scoop, 7/9/19

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Tuesday, July 9th, It IS- Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day, National Sugar Cookie Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday

The All-Star Game is tonight in Cleveland. Pete Alonso of the NY Mets won the Home Run Derby.

Samuel L. Jackson will star in Chris Rock’s reboot of the Saw franchise.

Using emojis in your dating profile is a big-time turn-off.

Scientists say that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day.

Only 25% of us in a commited relationship say 'I love you' on a regular basis.

A new study found that dolphins form friendships with other dolphins based on shared interests – just like humans do.

You can now buy Taco Bell Supreme flavored sunflower seeds.

Fruit Loops Birthday Cake flavor is available for a limited time.


You can buy a robot planter that follows the sunlight and throws tantrums when you don’t water it.

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