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Feel Good Friday!

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As you may know... 

Every week I do a 'Feel Good Friday' something you may want to call in to the Cricket Wireless Studioline 330-370-2000.  It is brought to you by Holiday Valley.   You can feel free to call those humble brags, community events, birthdays, anniversaries or just something that will put a smile on our faces leading into the weekend.  Last week, Joey had a special engagement planned.   Jen had a group dinner with all her girlfriends from high school.  Jackie had a birthday.  What great 'Feel Good Friday's' will we hear this week?   Call'em in if you have one...

Here is a pretty special one that put a smile on my face for the area.  Some of our biggest and most respected athletes supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Ohio.  You may remember Kane Brown has been a big supporter of this great organization, he donated a gym back in March.   Sure, it's not a Kane Brown song in the promo but the support for this organization from all of it's supporters speaks volumes...  And our local Cleveland Mega Superstar Athletes supporting is huge as well.  

 If you would like to donate.  Click Here.


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