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As it is Valentine's Eve... V-Day could definitely turn into D-Day for some...  by that I mean the DogHouse.   

Well hopefully you have a great plan for Valentine's Day being on a Wednesday!  

By the numbers:  

  • $25.8 Billion total will be spent for Valentines Day... (about $185 per person celebrating).
  • Spend $6.4 Billion on jewelry and another almost $5 Billion on a Night Out.  
  • Guys will spend almost twice as much as women, on average
  • 27% of people predict Credit Card debt due to the holiday....

Some cheap gift ideas could be tickets... Everyone loves a concert or show.   There is always Flowers, Chocolates and a Card.  If you are real broke and looking for basically free.  Grab your significant other's phone go to their app store and put the 94.9 WQMX App on their phone.. it is the gift that keeps giving and it's Free!!!!  

And if you are heading to the dog house maybe you could add a 'new best friend' to the family listen for Scott and Sarah with the Country Pet Rescue from Wilson Plumbing and Heating tomorrow morning (Valentine's Morning) at 8:40am!   Or grab tickets for WQMX Red, White & Bowl with Ryan Larkins.

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