Monday, 29 March 2021 20:45

The Season is Coming!

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How many of you have a pair of shoes/boots for yard work?  

These ancient relics could probably walk by themselves.  They are relegated to the garage or tucked under the stairs.

They are usually green and are falling apart. 

Mine had no laces, they fit my feet perfectly from 11+ years of just yard usage and I recently had to throw them away. 

Think how many miles you have put on that pair of boots/shoes.  How many steps counted?   That would be the true adult-ometer. 

Any and every family celebration, (Graduations, Parties, Receptions, Gender Reveals, Birthdays, Cookouts) many of life's milestone moments to a regular old weekend started with those shoes and a walk over that yard...  The mowing season is coming... when do you start?

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