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Ben is live, local and Akron's Friendly Voice in the Afternoon from 3-7p on 94.9 WQMX! Listen for your "Throwback Song of The Day" at 3:20, "The Drive At 5" to get you out of work, "Ben's Trends" at 5:30p, "Feel Good Friday's", and you never know what fun contests he'll throw out for your chance to win great prizes.

Ben is a husband, father, lover of all music, the outdoors and sports. Ben has always been drawn to radio which became a passion as he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. After stops in his hometown, Pittsburgh, and Corpus Christi, TX where he was a morning show host for a decade. He ultimately landed in The Buckeye State where he continues to keep you company at Rubber City Radio since 2016... In his free time, you will find Ben at concerts, Akron/Cleveland Sporting Event, dropping a line in the water all while trying to keep up with his wife Jessica, son Killian and 2 pups Blue and Moola.

Ben continues to grow in Akron and surrounding areas that he cares so much for, and continues to be a pillar within. Ben has hosted the Taste of The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton to benefit The Akron Canton Regional Food Bank and loves helping local organizations and the people within this great community. You can contact Ben at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 22:13


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So being Talk Like A Pirate Day...  There has to be some jokes: What is the pirates favorite class?  Arrrt Pirates Favorite Car is a.... YAR-IS... or the Carrrgo Van What did the pirate wear on Halloween? A pumpkin patch. A few of you called in your favorite Pirate jokes...  I remember Tricia's, What does a vegan pirate do in jail? Starrrrrve! Always enjoy you weighing in and playing along.
Monday, 18 September 2023 11:49

Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Get ready for the "Ahoy's", "Shiver Me Timbers", "Matey" and "Scallywag".... Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day...  My Family is so happy the day has finally arrived.   I have been talking like a pirate for about 4 or 5 days now practicing.   I am a method actor pirate.... So you can imagine the frustration of my family living on the high-seas with a pirate talking matey like me. I believe my son's exact words…
Thursday, 14 September 2023 14:55

Reba on The Farm

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You may have caught the Myles Garrett Corn Maze at Mapleside Farm...   These Corn Maze's are a little more "Fancy" as Reba McEntire hits corn fields all over the country!   Check them out...  CLICK HERE 
Wednesday, 13 September 2023 18:07

I'm A Child

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So yesterday, I went to meet Ric Flair at Giant Eagle.  I heard a woman in the background saying "I am wrangling 2 kids... one is my husband who is living out his dream of meeting his hero."  I did giggle at that... the family did take a great picture with the Dirtiest Player in the Game.  Watch it be their Christmas Card!   So I got home from work last night.  I am such a…
Tuesday, 12 September 2023 19:05


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                  So today I checked a box.  Met the Nature Boy...Ric Flair!  As a big wrestling fan he is "the dirtiest player in the game!" He is the "Rolex Wearing', Diamond Ring Wearing'... Kiss Stealing', Wheelin-n-Dealin... Limousine Ridin, Jet Flyin... Son-of-a-gun and I'm havin a hard time holding these alligators down... Woooo!"             View this post on Instagram          …
Monday, 11 September 2023 17:58

'Ben' There, Done That!

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                       This weekend, was crazy with Morning Show on Friday, Friday Night Live, Bryan Martin and Sunday Funday at the Dusty Armadillo....  When I wasn't at The Dusty... watched great soccer matches of my son's on Friday Night and Sunday Morning.  Caught a mow, fixed some things aroudn the house. Pretty nice little weekend. This week is huge: Wine Country Wednesday with Hannah Ellis at…
Tuesday, 05 September 2023 18:57

"Ben" There Done That

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This Weekend, was a blast.  Sure hope you had all the Labor Day Fun.  Before the White Pants were put away Monday (kidding I don't have white pants.)   Here's "Ben" There Done That! Friday was a pool party... my son and his friends celebrated the un-official end of summer and back-to-school.  Great seeing Parents and Friends. Saturday... I went to OktoberFest in Berea.  Good food, Good beer and maybe my favorite the weiner dog races…
Thursday, 31 August 2023 19:08

Morgan's Bar Name?

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Earlier this week, I asked you what the name of Morgan Wallen's Bar that is coming to Nashville...  We know it is a 6 story building with a rooftop bar and the whole kaboodle..   Still haven't heard a name yet?  The building was approved over a year ago.   I thought the best name would be Whiskey Glasses. Then the suggestions started rolling in....  Pam said 'Country @-- ____'.  Others offered up This Bar, Dangerous Bar,…
Wednesday, 30 August 2023 18:14

Wrasslin Wednesday

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WWE Payback from Pittsburgh, PA is Saturday Night.   So time for a little Wrasslin' Wednesday. Remember there is not science or anything behind this if you are betting on these matches... I am just a fan like you and this is what I think could happen. Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura  Shinsuke has been due for a push.  I don't think Seth Rollins will lose the belt on this night but crazier things have happened. …
Tuesday, 29 August 2023 22:33


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                      It's been a wild ride this summer... wet, rainy, hot, cool.  I have heard it is sweltering in Arizona, Texas and the South.  Parker McCollum made light of that the other day. My wife (who’s from Oklahoma) - hey when does fall start in Texas? Me- about the 3rd week of January and it lasts about 45 minutes — Parker McCollum (@ParkerMcCollum) August 29,…
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