Eric Matthews

staff tim homeBorn and raised in the Akron area, Eric knew from an early age he wanted to work in radio. After high school he went on to The University of Toledo and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communications.

After graduating from The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Eric joined Rubber City Radio Group in 2013 as a Sports Producer for 1590 WAKR. He added on-air duties at WQMX in December 2018 and became the weekday overnight personality in December 2019. Currently, you can hear Eric weekday evenings from 7pm - Midnight!
Eric also taught Drivers Education to high school students across Northeast Ohio for 4 years. In his spare time he loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. He is also a huge Guardians, Cavs, and college football fan. A huge animal lover, Eric has 1 cat named Buttercup.


Friday, 05 January 2024 18:02

People are saying this is a little sus...

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Parker McCollum is making people wonder what might be up. He has just announced he is cancelling a show in College Station,TX this August for "unforseeable circumstances". At the same time, he is also saying he has some exciting news to share soon. Many loyal fans are wondering: Does this mean that he and his wife Hallie of almost 2 years are expecting baby #1? Do the math...that is about 8 months from now. We…
Thursday, 04 January 2024 17:51

Happy Birthday, Mom

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Today is my mom's birthday. I know it sucks having your birthday right around the holiday season - I have three blood relatives (including mom) and my ex's father who all have their birthdays between December 20th and January 5th. The individuality of the celebration of your birth gets lost because of the rest of the calendar at the time. I have already taken my mom to dinner this week at the establishment of her…
Wednesday, 03 January 2024 18:03

Santa came late for Buttercup

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I told Buttercup that he was a good boy, it's that Santa was a forgetful man and left his gifts at the North Pole and had to run back home to get them. Hahaha ;) I (I mean Santa) got Buttercup three toys that should help his curiosity and keep him from getting bored so easily. The first that is pictured is where I can put treats in the cheese and he has to use…
Tuesday, 02 January 2024 09:21

Welcome to 2024!

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Most of New Year's Eve was quiet for me. The big event for the evening was going to dinner with friends I worked with at Blossom. We went to Ken Stewart's Tre Belle in Bath. It was AMAZING!  There were seven of us, so we shared a couple appetizers - including their nachos and rosemary fries. Both were delicious. Next was my salad, then the entrees. I had their Tuscan Macaroni & Cheese. WOW! It…
Friday, 29 December 2023 09:39

My top 5 songs of 2023

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It is that time of year! Here is the list of my top 5 songs for 2023: 5. Kane Brown - "I Can Feel It" 4. Ryan Griffin - "Heart To Break" 3. Chris Young - "Young Love & Saturday Nights" 2. Dustin Lynch - "Stars Like Confetti" 1. Luke Combs - "Fast Car" Looking forward to seeing what artists will bring in 2024! Happy New Year :)
Thursday, 28 December 2023 10:07

A wonderful "Christmas" evening

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After work on Wednesday, I went over to my mom's for my "big" family get-together for Christmas. In attendance were my brother who lives locally, my sister and two older nieces who also live locally. Also there was my brother and sister-in-law from California with my younger niece and nephew. We had a delicious dinner prepared by my mom and then desserts that included Angel Food cake OR Chocolate Chip cookies baked by my sister's…
Wednesday, 27 December 2023 10:48

Get your car all nice and shiny for 2024!

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I'm in for Cherise all week on WQMX. This week with the Country Quiz at 11:15, I have your chance to win a $25 gift card to Sergeant Clean Clean car wash! With 16 area locations, there is one not far from you...what a perfect way to ring in 2024 - with your car nice and clean! It's our Wash Away 2023 with Sergeant Clean and WQMX.
Tuesday, 26 December 2023 12:00

This is possibly the weirdest week of the year

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We are into that week between Christmas and New Year's. This is NOT what the roads look like with people going to work this week. Coming into work this morning, I could count the number of cars on the road! This is just a strange time of year. Kids are out of school. Some people have to work. Some don't (LUCKY!!!) HAHA. If you have gifts to exchange...good luck in THAT traffic.
Friday, 22 December 2023 14:09

The weekend is finally here!

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This is it! It is Friday afternoon of Christmas weekend. Other than those of us at the radio station, is anyone still at work? ;) haha. Christmas is on Monday which is'll be a green (brown really) Christmas with temperatures nearing 60. Not exactly the Christmas we grew up with, huh? Make the best of it and turn on WQMX all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for two full days of Christmas music.…
Thursday, 21 December 2023 18:00

It's all uphill from here!!!

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With today being the Winter Solstice, that means it is the shortest day of the year!!! Rejoice, because for the next six months we will see more daylight every day. I love the longer days when it stays light until 9:00 and is nice and warm in the summer. As you travel around town the next several days, you may just see me jumping for joy like the two people in the if only…
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