Eric Matthews

Eric Matthews

Thursday, 09 February 2023 00:55

A lot of fun promotions

The Guardians released the 2023 promotional schedule for fans on Wednesday! There will be 16 fireworks nights, nine Dollar Dog nights, and other fun for fans. One day, there will be a Triston McKenzie jersey giveaway (among others). You could end up with a bobblehead of Kwan or Clase, or on May 13th you could get a replica Gold Glove Award from 2022 (they play the LA Angels that day).

Of course there will be Larry Doby Day, and in August (vs. Detroit) they will induct at least one new member into the team HOF. Should be a fun summer at Progressive Field!

Wednesday, 08 February 2023 00:56

Metropolis is the best!

Earlier this week, Metropolis Popcorn sent the station some samples of flavors for a Valentine's Day theme. One was Chocolate Covered Cherry, another was Cinnamon Red Hots. But the one I wanted to try was the Chocolated Covered Strawberry!

Dang! It DID NOT disappoint! YUM!!! No matter what time of year, no matter the occasion, stop in to Metropolis Popcorn in Cuyahoga Falls or Hudson to treat yourself to some wonderful popcorn! You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 07 February 2023 00:43

The trucks have left, next it's the players!

So the trucks hauling all of the equipment to Phoenix for Spring Training for the Guardians left late last week! Pitchers and catchers report Wednesday of next week, and other players report Sunday the 19th! Do I hear Spring in the air??

Before we know it, we'll be listening to Spring Training games on the radio. Then you blink, and it'll be time to fill Progressive Field for the 2023 season! A true sign that Spring is almost here :)


Sunday, 05 February 2023 23:32

The old joke isn't true anymore!

The old joke was that Saturday night at the grocery store was kinda reserved for singles to meet, mingle, and pick each other up...I think times have changed. I went grocery shopping around 7:00 Saturday night (not looking for a date, I SWEAR! I was out of everything... lol) and I could almost count the number of people shopping with me!

I think with the invention of dating apps, people are going there looking for dates rather than the produce aisle. I will say it was quite nice though - I was in, got everything I needed, and was out probably in less than 15 minutes :).

Thursday, 02 February 2023 23:30

This day (February 2nd) in 1974

Thursday wasn't JUST Groundhog Day. On that date (February 2, 1974) Dolly Parton gained her 2nd #1 hit with Jolene! I love the song - possibly my favorite of hers. I know it was my dad's favorite Dolly song as well.

The story behind the song is so interesting, and the story told IN the song is one that is such a common feeling among all people. In case you aren't aware - Dolly says her inspiration from the song came from a bank teller that would flirt with her husband Carl, which obviously made Dolly feel uncomfortable.

Almost 50 years later and her music is still loved like it was brand new. I think that deserves the status of icon.

Wednesday, 01 February 2023 23:45

Happy Groundhog Day!

Yep, it's that time of year again - where America wakes up early to find out if a rodent is going to say Spring is coming early or not, lol. I've never been like Phil Connors to travel to Gobbler's Knob to experience the whole day, and I don't put much into what the groundhog says when humans with computer technology can't even get it right!

Either way, Happy Groundhog Day whether you celebrate or not. And if you have seen the movie (who hasn't?), whenever you are in a restaurant and hear plates drop on the floor, say what I do..."Set that down anywhere!" :)

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 23:42

A Cleveland baseball icon silenced

A couple days ago, we learned of John Adams' death. If you have been a Cleveland baseball fan at any point since the '70s you know who he is. He was the guy with the drum sitting out in the bleachers who rarely missed a game. In fact, it's calculated he attended over 3,700 games since 1973!

Growing up here in the '90s and going to games I always thought it was a recording when I was little. Then my dad explained that nope, John Adams is sitting out in the bleachers doing that in person...I was amazed. I personally thought to myself I knew I couldn't do what he did - sit through all of those slow pitchers duels, the rain delays, extra innings etc. I'm glad he did though. It made for a very unique baseball experience at Progressive Field. Guardians games won't be the same without the sound of John's drum from the top of the bleachers in left field.

Calling hours are this Friday and his funeral is at St John's Cathedral in Downtown Cleveland on Saturday. John Adams was 71. RIP.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 00:19

Yeah, I dreamt

I had another one! Sometime on Monday I had a weird dream that was work related this time. In this one, all of us at WQMX went on a fieldtrip and took the station on the Columbia,SC. HAHA

All of us were broadcasting from a 19th century themed inn that we were staying at. We were in the ballroom with a lot of locals hanging out and listening to us in person. Then, in the evening we would go to another room for movie night.

Let me tell you though...these people were STRANGE!!! lol. That's the only way I know how to describe it. At least my dreams keep me laughing!

Sunday, 29 January 2023 23:34

Yeah, I dreamt

I had another odd dream over the weekend. This one was sports related.

This time, I had a dream that in Northeast Ohio we were celebrating BOTH the Browns and Guardians winning it all in the same year! LOL. As always, I have no idea what brought this on. By the way, I do not know who either team beat for the league championship. All I know is there was a lot of TV coverage of people around here celebrating.

We DID come probably as close to this actually happening as it ever will in 2016. Remember? That year the Cavs DID win the Championship, and the Indians were up against the Cubs in the Series.

When I have weird dreams, they will be talked about here so you are the first to know ;) HAHAHAHA

I love my furball Buttercup. I spend money on his food (he has a soecial diet), and make sure he has a good amount of toys to keep him occupied. I spend my good, hard earned money on said does my mom. But what does this little nerd do?... plays with simple everyday things!

Now, I know all cats do it. Once, he decided that the circular lid to a thing of litter would make a great toy! Just this week, he thought the lid to a cannister of Tootsie Rolls I got for Christmas would be fun to play with! Funny how they get entertained by the simplest things lol.

Now to be fair, he does still play with the actual cat toys we buy him too. It's just funny to watch what he will decide to play with next.

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