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Elle Yeah, Dolly!

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If you've been in the loop on country music news and happenings, you surely saw the recent incident with Elle King at Dolly Parton's 78th birthday celebration event. If you missed it, basically, Elle was acting a fool on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. She was heavily intoxicated, and no one's really upset with her for having a good time; she just pushed it too far. During her performance, she cursed multiple times at the notoriously family-friendly venue, she forgot the words to the song she was singing, and she was just disrespectful overall. It was embarrassing to watch, and I feel especially bad for her bandmates who were put into that messy circumstance.

We have all been wondering what Dolly's reaction to this debacle would be, and in a recent interview with Extra host Alecia Davis, we finally found out! Essentially, Dolly's being cool. She defended Elle saying she is a "great girl" who is going through some tough stuff and may have had too much to drink. Dolly asserted that Elle feels awful about the incident, and the country legend included that we should forgive, forget, and move on resultingly.

This is just another example of why Dolly Parton's the best. Hopefully, Elle King gets whatever help she needs, too.


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