Joe Headley

Joe Headley

Friday, 24 May 2024 01:32

Memorial Day

Its Memorial Day this weekend! Have a great time and be safe, and don't forget to recognize the reasons why we set this day aside in remembrance. 

Here's a video to refresh you on the importance of this Holiday. 

Now, do you have any specific plans for Monday? Maybe you're visiting a cemetery or spectating a parade. Personally, I'll likely be looking for a car show to attend in my El Camino. 

This weekend and always, I'd like to ask that you be responsible and drive sober. Have yourself an amazing couple of days, and we'll catch up on the other side of them! 

Thursday, 23 May 2024 02:23

My Top Ten: Cookout Foods! 

Memorial Day is this Sunday, marking the unofficial start of summer! With that, there's no better time to talk about some of the foods we enjoy most at a cookout. 

With friends and family, gathering for an outside meal is one of my favorite parts of these warmer months we're just getting into. From holidays like Independence Day to graduation parties and birthdays, a cookout is a great way to feed any number of people. It's especially nice when the guests each bring a little something, whether that's some homemade salad or even just a few two liters of pop. 

I'm not the type to man the grill, but I'm happy to help set up the tables and clean everything afterwards. It's probably best that way. Ideally, you'll find me playing cornhole or something until it's time to chow down.  

So, you bring the paper plates and plastic forks, I'll pick up some buns and condiments; it's my top ten favorite cookout foods! 

10. Ribs

9. Baked beans

8. Homemade Lemonade

7. Corn on the Cob

6. Potato Chips

5. Hotdogs

4. Cheesy Potatoes (or Mac n' cheese) 

3. Steak Kabobs

2. Grilled Chicken

1. Cheeseburgers

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 02:25

The Heat!

I'm not sure what changed, but I'm really not loving these hot days we've been having. I used to hate the winter and prefer the summer, but not anymore. 

Fall is by and large my favorite season, and that's always been a constant. I love that we experience the full spectrum here in Northeast Ohio, but I think summer is coming in a little strong, currently. The most temperate seasons, spring and autumn, are never long enough; whereas the more intense seasons in terms of weather, winter and summer, seem to drag on. 

I'm certainly not saying I hate summer, but at this point I'd rather experience a forty-degree day than a ninety-degree day. That mainly just comes down to my ability to function outside and the fact that I can always add a layer of clothing. Also, both of my vehicles have great heat but no A/C. I'm sure getting that going (alongside a swimming pool in my backyard) would tip the scales back in favor of summertime, but that's pretty much where I'm at. 

I'd rather have a hot tub anyways, and with one, I bet you'll get way more suitable days per year here to dip in than you would with a pool. 

I'm considering attempting to recharge the A/C system in my Blazer, but I'd hate to spend upwards of forty dollars just to discover that it won't work. As such, I've been hesitant to purchase the canister, but if these days keeping going like this it won't be long before I do.

According to the calendar, it's not even summer yet! We still have nearly a full month. 

From car shows to fishing, there's a ton of stuff I love about summertime. Maybe there's a top ten list that needs written on the topic....

For now, though, can we cool it? 

Tuesday, 21 May 2024 01:27

Cheez-it Diner!

This is awesome: apparently, there's now a Cheez-It diner called the Cheez-In. It's in New York, roughly eight hours away from us here in Akron, and I'd love to check it out. 

Cheez-its were always my go-to as a kid, and they still occupy a spot at the top of the list of my favorite snacks. (Microwave popcorn is another strong contender for first place.) I always clear them out of our vending machine here at the station before anything else, and I'd enjoy eating some daily. I never get tired of those cheesy little cracker squares. 

So, if you love Cheez-its like I do, you're going to want to check this out!

Cheez-It Just Opened A Diner And I Ate Everything On The Menu (

Sadly, it looks like the place will only be open for a single week as a stunt for brand attention, but I think they should tour the country in leased-out spaces doing this. Or maybe, give the people what they really want: a traveling Cheez-it food truck! (By "the people," I mean me!)

Monday, 20 May 2024 03:06

Blog 200!

I can hardly believe it, but this is my 200th blog for the website! Since the start of these, I've written a nightly blog for every shift I've worked, without fail. 

Admittedly, it's not always easy to do. Sometimes I have no idea what I want to cover and am left to overcome writers-block. I'm not sure if anyone would necessarily be left holding their breath if I missed a post, but maintaining consistency and putting out something worthwhile to the reader is important to me. Sometimes it comes naturally and I can wait to share something with you, but other times I'm scratching my head for inspiration. 

I've covered so many subjects that I can hardly remember them all, but there's a lot of common themes, looking back. Of course, I do my Thursday Top Ten lists every week ranking whatever, and I'm always taking in ideas for those. 

Otherwise, you never know exactly what to expect from me here. I love talking about cars and powersports including my boat. New music is always a great topic, and so is sharing country news and happenings. Current events and the talk of the town are good places to start, too. Or, sometimes it's something I've personally got going on such as recapping a show I saw, my day-to-day experiences, or really whatever! 

I've written this phrase many a time, and I really mean it: thanks for checking out this blog, and thanks for listening to Your Country! 94.9 WQMX. 

Friday, 17 May 2024 02:46

Minibike, Big Fun! 

Thursday was a productive day for me. I started out helping my brother finalize a speech he'd been working on. I then mowed the lawn and put some work in using my pressure washer. I got the kayaks sprayed off and rinsed out, did the kitchen trash can, and cleaned up some pavement near the driveway. I also sprayed the mower (what a difference!) and hit my minibike with the water too. 

I spent some additional time detailing that little machine and maintenanced the chain. The clutch needed lubed up too, I checked my oil, and I filled the tires. With nearly a full tank of gas, I was good to go cruising! And that I did. 

I traveled over eight miles on my little hog, and it ran like a champ! There's this one spot at which I've been thinking about going fishing and I wanted to check it out, so I made the trip. I only halfway serviced my clutch, and it gave me a few hiccups along the way, but everything else was just about perfect. My chain could be a little tighter as well, I suppose, but I'm happy to report no major problems. 

Now, this here is something of a minibike appreciation blog, but I'd also like to use it as an opportunity to remind you to do what you love. Even if it's been a while- especially if it's been a while, do what makes you smile! I had forgotten how much joy a simple little cruise could bring me, and even though I ride a full-sized motorcycle; my mini's always a ton of fun. 

Let's get up, get out, and have a great time! 

Thursday, 16 May 2024 02:00

My top ten: Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's hard not to love the stuff. A cool cup of dairy on a hot summer day always puts a smile on my face, and it's been a favorite frozen treat for generations. 

At home or at the stand, in a cup or a cone; it's my top ten ice cream flavors! 




Strawberry Swirl

Rainbow Sherbert

Birthday Cake

Vanilla (Soft Serve)


Blue Moon


As for toppings, I almost always go for rainbow sprinkles. Every now and then, if I'm feeling fancy, maybe I'll do a little whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. The strawberry syrup is some good stuff too, but what I really like are those cherry dipped cones. Sadly, Dairy Queen discontinued theirs last year, but they're allegedly making a comeback this summer. 

Going off that, I must give a special shoutout to the DQ Cherry Dilly Bars. They're the best thing ever put on a stick!

Well, that's this week's top ten blog. I'd love to hear about your favorites, too. Thanks for checking this out and thanks for listening to 94.9 WQMX!

Wednesday, 15 May 2024 03:31

Just one reason why

Since first seeing The Fast and The Furious as a little kid, I've always thought manual transmissions were cool. Anyone can drive, but it takes a little more to row through the gears. The car and driver share a special connection through that extra pedal and shift knob, and there's lots of good reasons to have them. 

Right off the bat, let's go ahead and put this to rest: yes, a modern automatic transmission shifts faster than any human with a manual. It's proven, and that's why uber-fast cars like Dodge's Challenger SRT Demon only offer the auto. 

Moving past that, there's still many advantages to driving a standard shift. Performance is a big one; from drifting to rock crawling, the added control of being able to pick what gear you're in exactly when you want it gives the manual an edge. As such, there are a lot of cars these days with paddle shifters, which attempt to give this capability without having the burden of a clutch. 

Outside of automotive sport driving, a commuter may enjoy the active engagement in the driving experience a manual brings. Simply put, they're fun! I think so, at least. 

There're practical reasons to buy a manual too. Oftentimes, particularly in older vehicles, a standard shift is more fuel-efficient than an automatic. This largely involves parasitic power loss, but there's also just the difference in how each is driven. Additionally, factors such as maintenace and repair costs come into play. Certain manuals are less prone to breaking than their automatic counterparts, and they're generally easier to fix if they do. What's more, in terms of practicality, knowing how to drive a manual might be the difference between you getting where you need to go or not. This is especially true outside of the U.S. 

Finally, is the reason why I wrote this. Just recently, news broke of a woman in Boulder Colorado who stole a truck and ditched it immediately because she didn't know how to work a clutch. It rolled and crashed into a hydrant, and she was arrested yet again for the same crime she had also committed a day prior. So, that right there is another advantage of owning a stick shift: for theft deterrence. 

Here's that story, and thanks for reading this blog. I respect whatever you choose; I mean, I own both a manual and an automatic and love driving them each. Just be sure the radio is tuned to 94.9 WQMX! 

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 01:13

I didn't realize it was like this...

I'll be honest, I'm bothered. Most of my blogs I want to make uplifting and positive, but writing this, I'm irate. Maybe this is a cliché topic or old news to most, but what is going on with access to 76 from downtown Akron? 

Taking a quick step back, our 3rd annual WQMX Think Pink Party for Bosom Buddies was a blast! HunterGirl and Corey Kent were amazing, and alongside the Klaben Auto Stores, we want to thank all our wonderful listeners who came out in support of breast cancer awareness. Check out our socials for all the pictures of this great night! 

Now, heading back home from that for me was a different story. It was awful. 

In the El Camino, I can hardly afford to drive all over as she really sucks down the plus-grade gas with that big V8. So, I figured I'd go straight from The Civic to 76 East and hitch it home. Well, what do you know, 76 East off South Main* said it was closed down for construction. No problem, I thought; I'll just head west and turn around at the next exit.

So that's what I attempted to do, and wouldn't you know it, that eastbound on-ramp was closed too! Wonderful. With the way that area was, I couldn't seem to just jump back on westbound to hit up the next off-ramp, so I took the backroads going that way (further west) instead. Eventually, cruising up to the area of the next exit, I noticed that ramp was closed too....

You've got to be kidding me here. 

Then, of course, I got all mixed up in that unfamiliar area with no directions and a dead phone battery. I tried following the detour signs, but they were just for the certain neighborhood streets and not the highway, and that messed me up even worse. I somehow went all the way to the Kenmore Boulevard looking for any plausible route before I surrendered and turned around. I back tracked all the way to South Main where I then continued running the back roads going east, parallel to the interstate. It wasn't until Kelly Avenue that I could find my way on to 76, and at that point I was ready to scream. I'm still so frustrated.

I must ask; how can they close down three* consecutive on-ramps like that? Doing so eliminates access for a huge radius of traffic and inconveniences lots of folks daily. My fifteen minute commute took every bit of forty-five minutes and then some. For that, I'm still irate. 

I was already up well past my bedtime, then there's this nonsense and I'm all amped up. Catching any shut eye before working the third shift went right out the window. Even before, it was a nightmare for me on the way to the show with the ATM glitching for a long time while my card was in the machine, alongside some other issues. And don't even get me started on the amount of expensive fuel I wasted. Oh, and my hubcap went flying into the ditch after I hit a nasty Akron pothole; so I had to stop and look for that as well when I should have been asleep. Hopefully my truck's alright.

My heart goes out to everyone who lives in that area and has to deal with the metaphorical middle-finger from whoever's responsible for what's going on with 76. To cut off access to practically the entire west-central half of the city is not cool. Then, of course, there's the issue with 76 to 77 South at the Central Interchange, but at least I can run up north by the University and turn around there, as these things should go at the minimum. I'm pretty sure 77 South to 224 is still shut off too, after all this time! It's totally out of hand with these Akron highway projects, and I just want to know why. 

I'm typically an easy-going individual, but I'm still bothered. Good music always helps better my mood, so I'll leave you off with a song that sort-of relates, below. Thanks for reading! 

*Update: I'm pretty sure South Main to 76 East is NOT closed. The signage suggested otherwise, I thought. Looking at the maps online, though, it appears open. My GPS tried to take me that way initially, too, before my phone died. Surely I read it wrong. You already know I'm going to go back and find out exactly where the disconnect was, though. Stay posted! 

Monday, 13 May 2024 02:29

The Northern Lights

If you missed the Northern Lights spectacle over this past weekend, don't fret. I know a lot of people felt some FOMO and disappointment Saturday when the internet became flooded with pictures, but hear this: it wasn't like they're portraying it. 

Some of these pictures are making it seem like the Aurora Borealis in the movie Brother Bear. If you don't get that reference, essentially, these photos show a vividly tie-dyed multicolored mystical canvas in the night sky. But it wasn't like that at all. Instead, those crazy snapshots were simply the result of camera effects from advanced smartphones. 

In actuality, the Northen Lights were dim and relatively dull. They're amazing, but if you had the expectation that they'd appear just like they do in these photos, you'd be totally underwhelmed. 

So, don't beat yourself up so bad if you missed them! If you have to use your phone to get a good look at them either way, I don't care who's taking the shot. 

And for some reason, I feel like this phone camera method detaches oneself from the experience. It's somehow different from using a telescope to see a planet, for example. I don't know; maybe that's just me, but it's like being at a concert and watching the big screen because you're so far away from the stage. It just feels like there's less of an impact. 

The Northen Lights are undoubtably cool, however you see them. As your Overnight host here on WQMX, I'll be sure to keep you informed on all such things after dark. Thanks for listening day and night! 

By the way, did you hear about the new Lainey Wilson Album? It's called Whirlwind, and she just dropped a second track off it, after Country's Cool Again. This one's Hang Tight Honey, and you can give it a listen below! Don't forget, Lainey's hitting the stage at The Country Fest 2024 here in less than one month. I can't wait, and hopefully we'll see you there! 

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