Monday, 24 February 2020 06:04

Non-Peep Show!

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I say it a lot. This is a non peep show. I am not a fan of Peeps. Those marshmallow treats covered in fiberglass candy spray. Nope. Not today or ever. They belong in the trash. I don't like the chicks, the bunnies. I don't like them stale or fresh. I like them in the trash. Ew.

And, they are everywhere! Not just at Easter time. Christmas time, Halloween. All. The. Time. All the flavors. Each year they come out with more flavors that sound more disgusting than just your normal run of the mill Peeps. This year they have Hot Tamale Peeps, Raspberry and someone called the other day and said at Christmas time there are Candy Cane flavored Peeps. STOP the Peep madness! Ew. Ew. EW!

I will say I enjoy looking at them. The pink, blue, yellow and purple Peeps are cute. If you enjoy them- good for you, but all this Peep overload is getting out of hand. Peeps coffee creamer, Peep Slurpees, Peeps cereal, Peeps Pancakes, Peeps everywhere and then all the new flavors. I know, I should probably talk to someone about my Peep issues. Ha!

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