Friday, 08 January 2021 05:26

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

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As a proud Girl Scout, Troop #772- many moons ago- I am happy to support these great group of girls. It is Cookie Time!

This year they are helping you get your cookies in many safe ways. You can go online to and put in your zip code to find where you can buy cookies. You can download the Cookie Finder App on your phone, or if you know a Girl Scout she can give your her cookie website to buy cookies.

My personal favorite Girl Scout Cookie is the Samoa. I love the caramel, coconut, chocolate combo. It used to be Thin Mint, but now those are a close second.

The Girls Scouts of North East Ohio sent us a care package this week and it was some fun facts (and cookies!).

Here is the list of the 2020 Top Selling Girl Scout Cookies
1. Thin Mints, 594,786 boxes
2. Samoas, 410,038 boxes
3. Tagalongs, 388,359 boxes
4. Do-si-dos, 278,850

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