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It's Mardi Gras!

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Mardi Gras Fun Facts:

-Mardi Gras if French for Fat Tuesday!

-Purple, green and gold are the Mardi Gras colors. Purple stands for justice. Green stands for faith. Gold stands for power.

-It’s illegal to ride on a parade float without wearing a mask. (PS- it is illegal to flash to get beads as well- just saying!)

-Mardi Gras features the king cake, typically made with brioche dough braided and laced with cinnamon, then glazed with purple, green and gold sugar or covered in icing in those same Mardi Gras colors. A small plastic baby is hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby in his or her slice must buy the next cake or perhaps host the next party.

-This year due to the pandemic, they are encouraging something called Yardi Gras and having people decorate their yards instead of floats and people will walk around and look at the yards all decorated.

-Mardi Gras isn't only celebrated in New Orleans. There are celebratiosn in France, Rio de Janeiro, Quebec City, and Trinidad and Tobago. Looking for a more local way to celebrate Mardi Gras? Head to Mobile, Alabama, or St. Louis, Missouri.

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