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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox T - 94

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Workin' Man's PHD  -  Aaron Tippin -  1993 -  (Album - Call Of The Wild)

SW small Logo  Aaron Tippin was a real favorite of the 1990's.  He had a very loyal fan base that loved him.  I felt he was singing for the hard working fan, the underdog, or the misunderstood.  Fans loved him for it, and after his first big song, You've Got To Stand For Something, he got everyone's full attention.  This song celebrates the American worker, and we all love when  we do that. This is one of those songs I can only hear Tippin singing.  In fact, he had a few like that including My Blue Angel, Kiss This, and That's As Close As I'll Get To Lovin' You.  He has that rare ablilty to make the song his very own, and I believed every word he ever sang.  I can't help but wonder in a different time would he have had even bigger success as the 90's were just stacked with marquee artists.  But I always say, guys LIKE Tippin were a huge part why the 90's were as big as they were.  Because the under card of artists were the best we have had in my 43 years of this format. The stars just below the Mega Stars absolutely insured we always had a GREAT song on the radio.  This song is terrific, always sounds good, and the message is timeless!

He's Still Part Of The Roots And Boots Tour

And with it being Memorial Day Weekend, let's drop this one in too as listeners love this song and I do too!

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