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WYNN - BROWNS - A Big Win!

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SW small Logo The Browns got one of their biggest wins in years Sunday over the Ravens and did a whole lot to help their chances of competing in the NFL's toughest division.  I didn't call it by any means but I did say this in my article last Sunday...

"The law of averages say the Ravens are due to lose a game.  Maybe today?  Not many teams just roll through one great team after another, and not many start 8-2."   -    (Last weeks article)

The Browns played well and got the Ravens on a beatable day taking advantage of them on the road. This team continues to improve as does the decision making from the sideline and that is making a huge difference. When we don't beat ourselves, we are tough to beat.  The defense also is carrying the day, even though the Ravens posted 31 points.  An early pick 6 and a fumbled punt pretty much gave them 14 points.  But that stuff happens on the road, and  in the end the defense played pretty darn well.  Baltimore also helped us by calling a terrible offensive game that didn't really include Lamar doing Lamar things and that was a big deal.  I flat out didn't understand it, but we'll take it.  And we also did get a break or two from the officials who continue to be awful.

This game was won on the offensive line, as they were physical and beat up the Ravens most of the day wearing them down.  And GAME BALL to guard Wyatt Teller!  He dominated the interior line AND when Watson coughed up a HUGE fumble late in the game, his fumble recovery SAVED the game without any question. The O line played a tough game against a great defense and gave Watson enough to get the job done.

And today it's the same deal, even tougher, with DTR at the controls and Walker waiting if things go horribly wrong. The Steelers D-line has wrecked many games for the Browns and they're winning games by doing just that. The Browns O-line will need another GREAT game today to give the offense enough.  The only way we are going to win games for the rest of the season is that formula right there. Run, control the offensive line and play incredible defense.  Funny, that's kinda how we have gotten this far when you break it down. But that formula will have a shelf life as weeks go on and teams realize we are limited on what we can really do.

The surprising Steelers are 6-3 and have been out gained in every game this season.  That trend can't possibly continue much longer, it's bound to catch up with them, hopefully today.  But they are coached by the best head coach in the NFL who's having a GREAT season, and our staff must respect that and match him.  The Browns can win this game, just score some and don't let Watt ruin DTR and the day.  


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