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WYNN - #45 - Never Been So Loved - Charley Pride - 1981

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SW small Logo There's no doubt these "older school" songs from an artist like this and many others don't get played anymore. But the amazing Charley Pride was a Mega Star we owe a lot to for about every reason there is making this song very important.  His incredible career lasted about 25 years on the charts scoring some 30 #1 country songs.  Much of Pride's amazing run was in the 70's, but in the early 80's he reinvented his sound and scored some very big hit songs.  This was a #1 and introduced Pride to a new wide fan base that found him and us through the Urban Cowboy craze.  It's an uptempo love song sung by the powerful, baritone voice of a legend.  Yes it has the old school backup singers and string section that doesn't exist anymore making it a more pop sounding country song as those influences were still firmly in control.  But Pride found new footing with millions of new fans, that made this a big hit as he was featured on many TV shows like the talk shows, Solid Gold and other big music shows of the time  Charley Pride is a very important star in our history as he broke down countless barriers, and delivered fantastic music for a couple of generations selling 70 million albums during his run.  His golden voice makes him a Mega Star, and this was a Mega Hit!   Charley will be featured in detail Thursday in my Mega Star Series.

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