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LOCAL - Hangin' At The Hofbrauhaus!!!

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Over the weekend, Windy and I made a trip downtown Cleveland to take in a show at the Cleveland Theater District, and we found ourselves hungry afterwards, so we slid over the the Hofbrauhaus Of Cleveland.

It's what it says it is, a German themed restaurant on Chester across from the bus station.  The beers are huge, the music is great and the place was really alive.  I love places like this.  We didn't feel like waiting, so we sat at the bar and ate and had sort-of-huge beers.   (You can get a full liter!!)

Being 100% honest, I have no real idea what we ate.  Niether of us really did. We just kind of looked and pointed on the menu on what looked really good at that moment!  But it was great! She had some kind of fried sausage patty thing, with a fried egg on top and a side or two. 

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I had some kind of huge wurst platter with potatoes and sauerkraut.  The food was sensational, and we had a very good time there. 

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And since it was only the two of us, we waved off the "shotski."  Where they line up 4 or 5 shots, on a mounted ski, and everyone has to shoot them down.  We saw plenty that were willing to do it though.

Don't be afraid of the shotski, and don't be afraid of the Hofbrauhaus Of Cleveland.  We can't wait to go back!  Many more times!

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