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STAYING HOME - Wine, Why Not?

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With all the at home time right now, our overall activities are limited.  You can work out at the house, but that gets old.  You can only take so many walks, and board games can turn into bored games after a few days.  But there's a solution that makes sense.  Plus, the stores that sell it are on the essential list too.  Some are even having "Wine With DeWine" every afternoon at 2pm during the Governers daily press conferences.

OK, it doesn't solve all of our problems, but wine is a very versatile option.  The Beautiful Windy and I enjoy a nice Cab every now and then, and it makes a nice time better.  Wine and a movie, wine in front of the fire, or both.  Wine while cooking, wine on the porch, wine and cheese, and wine and dine!  But one thing we really like is wine and Charcuterie.

Delish - We didn't make this one, we just ate it.

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Charcuterie...what a great word.  It makes you sound like you know what you're doing, more than you really do.  What it really is, is a bunch of cheese on a board, with a bunch of stuff you drag out of the fridge to munch on while drinking wine.  You then arrange it nicely on the wooden cutting board that's still in the box you don't use very often, and voila!   It can be life changing.  A good Charcuterie board is better than a meal many times.  We've done that. Thinking about dinner, but we make a board instead. Blast a bottle of wine down with it, and we are good to go. Less dishes, easy to clean up and delicious.

Or This One.....

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During this time of togetherness, and limited activities available, I think cooking and food prep together can be good, therapeutic, and enjoyable.  And that can be really fun while having a glass of wine. Windy and I love to cook together and have a wine. We enjoy food, and we enjoy being in the kitchen together.  One of our first dates was making ratatouille together, and we've been hooked on cooking every since. We both like to cook, and wine makes it more fun.

This entire thing could give us the gift of remembering how much we really do like to do things together, and remember the joy in things we may have done back when.  Many times rediscovering what was, leads to what could be, and maybe ends up, what is.

Over a glass of wine. 

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