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WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Patty Loveless

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LeeAnn asked me about her favorite from years ago, Patty Loveless.  You weren't alone there, Patty Loveless was a lot of fans favorite, and the respect she got from within the music world was huge too.

Emmceed Her A Few Times

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Patty Loveless was a big star who had a great run.  Her second trip to Nashville was the big one.  She went there as a very young artist in the 1970's, and went back home. Then came back years later and really helped change things in Country.  She was highly influential to many new female artists especially and helped bring in a more traditional sound to Nashville.  Her voice was distinct, always a plus, and her song selection was just as interesting.  I always felt that was one of her real strengths, picking the right songs, and making them completely hers.  I believed every word I ever heard Patty Loveless sing.

There was a lot of buzz about her in the mid to late 1980's and it appeared big things were coming.  But they took awhile.  Her first album had no real commercial success. But the second album, If My Heart Had Windows (1988) did.  I loved the title song, as it was refreshing, and it was moderately successful. But in that song and album you could hear big things were probably not far off.  The next album changed everything.

First Big Song - And It Showed What Was Coming


Honky Tonk Angel is a fantastic album and it put Patty in the spotlight.  Chains, and Timber I'm Falling In Love were both #1. And there were two more big songs off that album too.  All the buzz was starting to come true and just a couple years later, Patty Loveless was the preeminent woman on the Country charts.  She went on to record a ton of hits, and sang with about every influential and important performer in Nashville. 

Great Song And A Big Number One


Big songs too like, Don't Toss Us Away, You Can Feel Bad, I'm That Kind Of Girl, Jealous Bone, Blame It On Elvis, and others.  She was a real hit maker during her run, always on the charts, and there was never a flop.  She was on top of her game. 

 Huge Song!  A Real Fan Favorite


One thing I always remember about Patty Loveless was the respect she got from her peers.  I remember hearing interviews with other stars raving about hearing her sing.  She was country through and through. I feel Patty Loveless through her music invited other women to pursue their dreams. Her songs were authentic, and believable. She sang songs that resonated with people, men and women, and you felt lilke she lived every line she sang. 

People LOVE This Song...


She recorded successful albums through the 1990's, where she dominated.  She won Grammy's, multiple CMA's, ACM's, American Music Awards, and joined the Grand Ol Opry.  She did it all, and did it all well.  I think Loveless deserves a whole lot more credit than history may give her sometimes.  She really helped change a lot of things during her run. She was a traditionalist, and was still accepted by non-traditionalists too.  She wasn't flashy, or outrageous, or fake.  She was just good.  Flat out good. Her music did the talking for her. And everyone was a fan of hers.

Well into her career she had major throat surgery which she recovered from, and it did change her voice some.  She had a nine week silence period, no talking, whispering or singing. But she then had some of her biggest songs including, Blame It On Your Heart, and How Can I Help You Say Goodbye, both HUGE hits, and both fan favorites without any question.

One Of My Favorite Loveless Songs


I was a fan. Patty Loveless was a great singer and I am thankful that I played all of her songs in my career. We needed her then, and being honest, we need Patty Loveless types now.  She just helped make country better for a long time.

Great singer, great artist, great respect. Patty Loveless.

Patty Loveless Website

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