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MOVIE REVIEW - Our Brand Is Crisis

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What a complete and total disaster. The latest movies from Sandra Bullock is a complete failure.


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This is movie about political corruption, and the underhandedness that ensues in elections with the horrible people that are behind the shady candidates.  Like we don't have enough of this in our daily lives, we need to pay a ticket price to watch it play out for entertainment?  Plus this tells a story of a election in Bolivia from 15 years or so ago.  Who cares?

This movie, I think was thinking it was real smart, and this was going to be an eye opening saga that we were all going to be shocked over. Please!  We all know about these horrible people and the shady business politics is.  This movie reeks of "we are smarter than you,"  but it's not.  This movie also looks to be about 25 years late in thinking we all don't know this stuff and see it every single night on the news. 

It takes a real bunch of total buffoons to take Sandra Bullock, and Billy Bob Thornton and have this be the worst opening of her entire career in a A-listed movie. But they did.  They took a story no one cares about, created characters no one likes, and put it in a movie that makes people even more apathetic than they already are about the election system sometimes.  What on earth were they expecting? 

Our Brand Is Crisis.  This is maybe one of the worst ideas for a major motion picture in a very long time.


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