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MOVIE REVIEW - James Bond: Spectre

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Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in the new saga, Spectre.  For the record, I like Bond movies. He was been a superhero in movies of over 50 years, and somehow they keep this brand going strong.


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This picks up right where Skyfall left off, with new characters and gadgetry.  The enemy now is a new organization called Spectre that is bent on being the biggest gatherer of sensitive information from all the major governments in the world.  They essentially want to spy on all the spy agencies on earth and basically become the worlds largest unstoppable terrorist organization.

This is pretty savvy. Bond movies have really tuned into the times we live in. This addresses the concern we all have about our private information, and the concern we have about other entities gathering information from the people that are supposed to keep us safe.  This is highly topical and right on target.  Thank goodness we have Bond and the Double 0 program to save the day.

Since Craig has taken over the Bond flicks, they seem to have a more dark tone to them. Well, after all we do live in some darker times in some regards than before, and the new Bond tackles that.  This movie also celebrates some more of the humor that has been lacking recently in some Bond flicks, and that was good to see.  What has always made these movies work is the willingness to be all things for all people.

This is very good in all regards.  Craig is great again, and Christof Waltz is terrific as our main villain.  This has all the good things you want from Bond.  The amazing action, the humor, the beautiful women, and a story that is right on time.  Great to have him back for the holidays.

James Bond: Spectre. Very entertaining. Well, well done.


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