Monday, 13 November 2023 13:30

Soup Season: Cream of Potato

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Although the weather wasn't terribly cold, we raked a lot of leaves and needed something filling for lunch. I had some potatoes on hand and had some leftover bacon from breakfast, so why not Cream of Potato soup?

There are two ways I make this, either starting with a butter and flour roux, or heavy whipping cream. I went with the former, addin half and half to make it thicker, then a little milk to thin that out. It's really a matter of patience and adding a little bit of liquids at a time to get just the right thickness. I also add a dollop of sour cream, gives it a little tanginess and also helps thicken if you've thinned it out too much. The potatoes, you can boil them ahead of time, or if you have time, just throw them right into your cream and let them simmer. That's what I usually do as long as I plan ahead of time, because it does take some time to cook them! Salt and pepper are a must and I usually add some rosemary, but n herbs de province would work as well, but here is what really brings out the flavor: nutmeg. There is something about that nutty nutmeg that tastes so good in a creamy soup!

Top with cheddar cheese and bacon, or one or the other, or neither! Just enjoy!

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