Friday, 27 January 2023 00:59

You try to be a nice, responsible pet parent...SMH

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I love my furball Buttercup. I spend money on his food (he has a soecial diet), and make sure he has a good amount of toys to keep him occupied. I spend my good, hard earned money on said does my mom. But what does this little nerd do?... plays with simple everyday things!

Now, I know all cats do it. Once, he decided that the circular lid to a thing of litter would make a great toy! Just this week, he thought the lid to a cannister of Tootsie Rolls I got for Christmas would be fun to play with! Funny how they get entertained by the simplest things lol.

Now to be fair, he does still play with the actual cat toys we buy him too. It's just funny to watch what he will decide to play with next.

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