Monday, 22 April 2024 18:12

Help your cat look like they just had their nails did! :)

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I stopped at the pet store earlier today to get some food for Buttercup. I happened to walk down the aisle with treats and other accessories - and found these!

They are marketed to help your cat not get their nails caught on furniture, your clothes, help prevent scratches to you, etc. But to me it looks like something you'd put on your cat like nail polish! If your cat has that special night planned out on the town...put these on her so her nails look amazing! hahaha

I'm sorry, there is NO WAY in H - E - DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS you are getting me to even attempt to put those on the cat! You're going to end up with so many scratches on you there will be no reason to put them on the cat to protect you from a scratch because it'll be too late!

If you'd like to try them, more power to you my friend.

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