Monday, 27 March 2023 23:31

An enjoyable Saturday night

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I was flipping channels late Saturday night and saw on the horror movie channel, they were showing all of the "Scream" movies! They were at the very end of the first one and I was disappointed. Instead of rewinding it, I went and rented it on Youtube.

After that, I figured why not watch the second and third as well? So, I got comfy on the couch with Buttercup in my lap and watched the first three "Scream" movies back - to - back - to - back. Took about a total of 6 hours, but was a lot of fun and when it's 3:00 on a Sunday morning what else am I going to do? haha!

It reminded me why I love the series so much and now I want to watch movies 4 and 5 again, and watch number 6 again too! Maybe this weekend? We will see :)

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