Monday, 04 December 2023 18:13

I found a really cool documentary Saturday night

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I stayed up quite late Saturday night (3am) watching a miniseries documentary I found streaming about the start of the Chicago Mob. I think it was a total of six episodes at 1 hour each. This was extremely interesting to me as someone who finds historical events interesting to learn about.

The show started all the way back into the early 1900's and followed the upward movement of Al Capone and how he came to his full power. From there, it continued with how the people under Capone tried to keep things afloat after his death. The show explained how they were able to keep things going for quite a few years (couple decades in fact), before it started to really have trouble. 

The series ended with mentioning Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance in 1975 and the last of the main Chicago gangsters retiring from business around that same time. A very late night for me, but well worth it fo such an interesting docuseries. 

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