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Burn, Burn, Burn

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Saturday nights are great for getting together with friends and hanging out, but every now and then I appreciate a lack of plans. With my fiancée working at the restaurant, this past one was a great opportunity for me to enjoy some solitude relaxing by a fire. It was an awesome time!

I initially began the inferno in an attempt to finish what I started by burning the remainder of a stump that has been an eyesore in my backyard. With a little gasoline and lots of additional wood, I got it going pretty good and decided to take a few joyride laps on my "mud-mower" before the sun went down. There's some tall grass behind my garage that I've made my mission to knock flat, and the tractors been very helpful in doing so.

Before all of this, during the day Saturday, I worked on sanding-down and painting this big go kart buggy I took on trade. It's super cool but needs quite a bit of work, so it's been an ongoing project without a hard deadline. It's nice to just pop in the garage and do some mindless scraping on the rusty spots; it clears my head. I'm excited to be progressing on it and I'll be sure to post the big reveal once its finished, here in a future blog. 

With the stump ablaze and the mud-mower back to rest, I periodically popped in and out to add some more layers of enamel. I'm doing the frame in white with black accents and a touch of red. I was able to see what I was doing for about an hour past sunset until it became too dark to continue working on the buggy, and at that point it was starting to get brisk. 

After gathering some more wood to feed the flames, I parked myself in a lawn chair and pulled out the old Bluetooth speaker. I had recently heard the new Zach Bryan song "I Remember Everything" play on WQMX, and I have listened to a couple of his other tunes too. I like his sound, so I decided to do a deep dive into his discography including his new album. Big vibes! 

I spent hours out there waiting for my fiancée to get off work and make it home safe, just me and Zach! Actually, I threw some Morgan Wallen in the mix there to keep it light, since a lot of Zach Bryan songs are dark and gloomy. I'm sure I'm a little late to the party stating this, but his music is fantastic, and I'm now locked in as a fan. It just seems authentic, passionate, and elegantly simple. I'm curious to do some more research on his chord progressions and figure out how he carries the same tone through his works. When a song of his comes on, you can immediately tell its Zach Bryan, ya know? 

I suppose this was a long-winded way for me to let you know what the soundtrack to my Saturday night was, and to express my newfound affection towards Zach Bryan. I can't tell you how many artists and songs I love that I've been introduced to through avidly listening to WQMX, and Zach Bryan is another shining example. We play the songs you know and love alongside the best new country music, and I think that's pretty cool! If you're a fan of music discovery like me, be sure to tune in to Eric Matthews weekdays during the 9pm hour for the "New at Nine," when he'll introduce a fresh single and ask for your take on it. Some are hot and some are not, so you can text in to tell us: keep it or kick it! 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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