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Runnin' Around!

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My fiancée didn't have to go in to work for Tuesday, so we spent the day getting stuff done and running around. It was so nice to wake up to a hot pot of coffee, and it's always great to get to spend time with her regardless of what we're doing. 

Hobby Lobby has some deals on holiday decorations going on right now, so we started by hitting that up. Aside from the huge selection of model car kits, that store isn't really my favorite, but we did scoop up some sick ornaments. Best one: the Kool-Aid man! I also bought a sweet '55 Chevy truck tin sign for my basment. 

After Hobby Lobby, we headed towards the BMV... or what we thought was a BMV. We discovered that there are self-service machines within the Meijer store from which can renew your registration and get a new sticker. That's all Mackenzie needed, so it was super convenient! I'm guessing the state of Ohio has a system that lets them know when a vehicle has passed e-check and is eligible for a renewal, as the little machine requested very little information or documentation. 

Once that was squared away, it was lunch time! We needed to do some grocery shopping at Walmart to round out our errands, so I began driving in that direction and told the fiancée to let me know if she sees something that sounds good to her. After passing a ton of fast-food joints and other restaurants, we pulled into the Walmart plaza. Lo and behold: Applebee's! We were so close to breaking down, throwing our standards aside, and reminding ourselves how bad that chain is. Ha!

Luckily, we realized that in the same plaza there is a location of The Basement restaurant. I love a sports bar setting with some good food, whether its Roosters, Jerzee's, The Basement, or elsewhere! I normally order a meaty pizza, but I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to go with an order of their pulled pork nachos. Mackenzie got a grilled cheese with Tomato soup, and we shared across the table as we do. It all came out great and filled me up more than enough to go grocery shopping without making hunger-buys. You know what I'm talking about!

All in all, I had a nice day spending time with my fiancée and getting stuff done!  

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