Friday, 17 November 2023 01:15


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I'm going to my very first Ohio State Buckeyes game tomorrow in Columbus and I am stoked! Our undefeated home team is taking on the Minnesota Golden Gophers at 4pm, and alongside my brother and my dad, I will be there seeing it go down live!

My dad has been a lifelong OSU fan, and this year for his birthday my brother and I splurged a bit and decided to pick up some tickets. It will be our first time at Ohio Stadium all around, and seats sure were pricey but I think it will be worth it. As much as I'd like to see them duke it out in some crazy game versus a top-ten team, I want a win and I'm sure that's what we'll get. (It's all but guaranteed with a 93% win probability for Ohio State.)

I've been hoping all year that they would at least make it to this game undefeated, and here we are 10-0! With all of the disappointments we face up in Cleveland, the Buckeyes are a much-needed rock for us to lean upon and trust in.

We plan to get to Columbus early in the morning and tailgate for several hours before the game. I've never actually tailgated before so I'm really excited to see what the energy is like around the stadium on a game day.

For me, tomorrow will be about much more than just watching football. It's the men in my family coming together to bond over an experience and have fun. Its taking a road trip together to a faraway place unlike we have done since I was a kid. It's experiencing an iconic Ohioan sports rite of passage. Really, it's about showing our appreciation for our father and doing something extra-special for him! It's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip that I won't soon forget. So, let's go Buckeyes! OH-IO! 

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