Friday, 29 March 2024 00:48

Beckham and Top

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Wow! What an awesome show that was at the Dusty Armadillo Thursday night with Chayce Beckham and Zach Top. Those guys were fun to meet, and each put on a good show. We raised a bunch of money for NEOPAT and sold the place out! That's all thanks to our wonderful listeners, like you. We appreciate all the support helping this worthy charitable organization in their mission to uplift local Veterans. 

So, thank you! I'm not exact on the who, what, when, and where for our next charity show, but if its anything like last night, it's bound to be a blast! It's all part of bringing you more in 2024. Stay posted on WQMX announcements and check out all the pictures from our Chayce Beckham with Zach Top Charity Show at the Dusty on our socials. Just search WQMX on Facebook or Instagram, and we'll pop right up! 


PS: If you celebrate, I hope you have a nice Easter Sunday. BTW... I'm that guy who LOVES Peeps. (Shoutout to my fiancée's mom, Michelle, for hooking me up with like six packs of them!) Give me ALLLLLLL the Peeps :) 

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