Tuesday, 02 April 2024 03:25


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In my young career in radio thus far, I've met some awesome people. From Sales to Street Team, I've made professional connections I'll carry with me long into the future. Of those, it's especially great to encounter peers from my college station out in the field or in the studio, and I bumped into one last night. I haven't seen Jake since I did the weekend evening shifts here on WQMX, and my face lit up when I pulled into the lot and saw his vehicle. 

He was finishing up broadcasting the Guardians game on our sister sports station as I settled into my overnight shift here, and it was so nice to catch up and chat. It'd sure been a while, probably even longer than I realize. We talked about life post-college and all that it holds, such as marriage and long-term career goals. Him and I are in the same boat on a lot of stuff like that. 

Now that we're back into baseball season, hopefully I'll get some more chances to run into my pal Jake. It'll have to be a late game, like some in the West Coast run. I've long been thinking about reaching out to some other folk I haven't spoken with in a while, so maybe this positive experience will be the catalyst for me to do so and reconnect. 

Time flies; that's for sure. 

By the way, the Guardians lost to the Mariners in Seattle 4-5 in the first of the series, leaving Cleveland with a 3-2 record so far this season. The next game is today, Tuesday, at 9:40 PM EDT.

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