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WYNN - BROWNS - 14,000 Pounds Of Muscle

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The Browns have a big task ahead of them. They must win at least 4 of 5 to finish the season to possibly make the playoffs.  I know, we all know how to fix the Browns, reading social media you understand that. We all are frustrated that this season has come to this. Do I have the total fix?  No, but I have a starting point. I also know what is true historically and what I see presently.  I am not really an X and O guy, I feel that solutions to most problems in sports and life are far deeper than that.  Tend to the roots, things tend to grow.

The game has changed over the decades for sure, but a few things have not.  In my view the best thing an NFL head coach can ever give his team is to be a leader and motivator of men.  Head coaches have all kinds of people around them to run this and that in many different areas.  Head coaches motivate, make final decisions, game decisions, roster moves,and keep players on edge, focused, and confident all at the same time, it's an art.  In MOST cases not all, they don't spend the game calling offensive plays. Some do, most don't, although it is a growing trend.

The Browns offense right now is a mess. Some of it is injuries, some is it's a year after a great year that we snuck up on people, and some is just ineptness and ridiculous play calling.  Game management is poor too right now. Penalties, mistakes, blowing timeouts, too many or not enough men on the field, the list goes on and on. I would love to see it all get better.  Maybe it's time to have fresh eyes on the offense, and head coaching eyes on the entire football team.  Because, what's happening right now is not working at all. And those who can't see that, are not really paying any attention at all or too much attention to themselves.  Again, the roots, not the leaves.

When I watch the Browns right now I see two teams, and I want to see one. I want to see one singular, united team that is 14,000 pounds of muscle with a one track mind.  A GREAT head coach can do that, a GREAT head coach DOES do that. True, we have the Coach Of The Year and he is a very good coach, but your role evolves as a head coach and now it's time to be the head coach of the entire team and not just the offense.  There's people for that.

It's time to lead all men, not just the 11 on one side of the ball. It's time to hold players and coaches accountable, and it's time to get to know all players and see what you can get out of them that they didn't know was even in themselves.  I know, Andy Reid has won a Superbowl calling his own plays (took 30 years and Patrick Mahomes), Sean Peyton won one too (had HOF QB Drew Breese for 15 years).  And quite frankly, I don't have that kind of time, and neither should you.  The list of coaches who don't or didn't who won championships is far, far longer and far better. 

Let a new mind and fresh eyes call the plays.  You -  then manage the players, the game, the clock, your assistants, get this thing back on the rails.  In short, it's time to be the head coach - not just a coach.


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